Math app and activities for preschoolers and elementary students at home

Magrid is an inclusive math app with fun home learning math activities for children from age 3 to 7 and up to 12 years old for children with learning difficulties or special educational needs such as autism, hearing difficulties (deaf), dyslexia, dysgraphia, etc.

The app has over 3000 activities for children at any level or grade, whether they are in kindergarten or elementary. They can use the app independently without parental supervision and learn at their own pace. The app is language free and auditory and visually friendly to avoid overstimulation and make it easy for children to focus.

You can download here and use the app on your Apple, Samsung or other devices (iPhone, iPad etc.)

Age-appropriate at Home Math activities for Pre-schoolers and Elementary Students

Magrid offers a range of different activities to develop basic mathematical skills and learning math at home. Training tasks range from simpler training activities, ideal for preschoolers for example, to more advanced and complex ones, for students in elementary school (grade 1, grade 2 etc.).
The main building blocks are visual-spatial skills and numerical skills. Both building blocks focus on different sub competencies for developing the children’s problem-solving skills, logical thinking, training their cognitive skills and for brain development.

The Visual Spatial activities include home learning activities that teach children how to recognize shapes and draw them. Some of the visuospatial home learning math activities are:

  • Coloring: the aim is to identify and color specific objects on the screen.
    <Insert image here>
  • Find the shape: Several different shapes are presented on the tablet. The aim is to recognize and select the shape that is asked within this complex configuration.
    <Insert image here>
  • Close the shape: A geometrical shape is shown together with an uncompleted version of the same shape. The aim is to finish drawing the shape on the tablet to match the other figure.
    <Insert image here>
  • Mental rotation: Two figures are shown on the tablet. One of the two figures is a rotated version of the template one. The aim is to find the figure that is the rotated version of the one from the template.
    <Insert image here>

The numerical tasks include activities focusing on recognizing quantities and numbers and putting them in order. Some of the numerical activities are:

  • Find the amount: Several objects are shown in the template. The aim is to pick the same quantity on the tablet.
    <Insert image here>
  • Quantity house: Several animals/plants are shown in the template. The aim is to allocate a room in the house for each animal/plant on the tablet.
    <Insert image here>
  • Fruit tree-pick: Several fruits are shown in the template. The aim is to remove the same number of fruits from the fruit trees on the tablet.

The Benefits and Features Of Our Math App And Home Learning Math Activities

Magrid has over 3000 fun and interactive home learning activities to train different aspects of cognitive development and numeracy. Some of the advantages of our math app and home learning math activities are:
  • Language free and Intuitive math app: children can use the app and go work through the activities independently and learn at their own pace.
  • Building your child’s math confidence: the math app gives the child direct feedback on their performance and helps them improve.
  • Built for efficient screen time use: limited to 10-15 min per day.
  • Visually auditory sensory friendly design and distraction free (no ads) making it easier for children to stay focused and not be overstimulated.
  • Can be used offline from anywhere, at home, on a trip, in the train, in waiting rooms, etc.
  • One subscription is for 3 children (family subscription): each child has their own profile and can go through the activities at their own pace.

Magrid Is an Inclusive App For All Children

The app is an inclusive math app that is completely language free, making it accessible to children with language difficulties, for example children with special educational needs and learning disabilities (deaf/hearing impaired children, with language disorders, dyslexia, dyscalculia, on the autism spectrum) or kids who learn math in a second language.

The training tasks are targeting the cognitive development, which is especially beneficial for children with special educational needs who need more training on cognitive skills (down syndrome, etc.). Moreover, studies  have shown that neurotypical children with standard needs also greatly benefit from the math app. Preschoolers who used the app improved significantly on cognitive, visual-spatial, and basic mathematical skills and performed better than children who did not use the app.

The visual design is extremely focused, without distraction on the screen and low sentiment. This makes it easier for kids to focus and stay attentive, especially if they have AD(H)D, are on the autism spectrum etc.

How Parents Can Be Involved in Their Child’s Learning Journey

Magrid is the best math app if you want to build your child foundations in math and logical thinking and give them confidence in math. The early years of a child’s life are the most formative years and what children learn in those years has a great impact on their future academical performances. 

Our math app is built to develop children’s cognitive skills and visuospatial skills in early years to provide strong foundations in math, through visually engaging home learning math activities.

The children can use the app independently, allowing parents to go about their own tasks while the child is doing the home learning math activities.

Coming soon: The app is evolving. Soon we will launch an additional feature to our math app for home learning: a dashboard to allow parents to follow their children’s progress and performance over time on different competencies and skills. The dashboard provides parents with a general and specific overview of the development of their kids.


The app being language free, intuitive, and visual-sensory friendly, it can be used by all children no matter what language they speak or what educational need they have and is the best homeschool math app. Children can learn independently with our fun and engaging home learning math activities from anywhere and without needing the help of their parents.

Get Magrid and download the app now to support your child in their math learning journey!