Magrid: Best math app for preschool and elementary teachers

Magrid is the best math app for teachers and for teaching children in kindergarten and elementary school. It is appropriate for ages 3 to 9 for children with standard needs and up to 12 years for children with special educational needs. Our learning app is constructed to be language free and intuitive so that all children can use it at their own pace, whether they have learning difficulties, special needs, such as ADHD, autism, hearing difficulties, etc., or are learning math in a second language.
The app can be downloaded on Android, iOS, and Microsoft Devices (Samsung phones or tablets, iPhones, iPads, etc.).
More than just an app, we provide teacher training and teacher support to better use the app and prepare the classes and training session, as well as a dashboard to monitor the progress of each student. Our math program for teachers can be used in any classroom and gives teachers the means to let children learn at their own pace.

Why Magrid is the Best Math App for Teachers: Benefits and Features

The Magrid math learning program for teachers is made up of four components, with the math app being the core of the solution.
  1. Pedagogical Learning Application: 
    • Over 25,000 exercises (visual-spatial and numerical exercises).
    • Language-free and intuitive use without supervision (ideal for second-language learners, and children with special education needs such as hearing difficulties, autism, etc.)
    • Can be used offline.
    • Designed and developed based on the latest scientific-based findings in early childhood development and educational sciences.
  1. Analytical Monitoring Dashboard, 
    • The teacher and administrator dashboard tracks the progress of the children by giving an overview of their performance on different tasks, what they learned, and identifies learning gaps. 
  1. Teacher Training
    • Customized teacher training on how to use the app in the classroom and ongoing teacher feedback sessions. 
    • We help teachers create and build their class, create each student’s account, etc.
  1. Dedicated Solution Specialists for Teachers 
    • The specialists assist the teacher in the onboarding and implementation of the app and provide ongoing technical and user support.
    • The specialists help with setting up the classroom, organizing the training of students, setting up exercises for special needs students, etc.

How Teachers Can Use Magrid for Teaching Math to Children in Preschool and Elementary School

Reinforce learning with a complementary program

Magrid is a complementary program to the regular class program. Teachers can use Magrid and the training tasks in the app as exercises for their students to put their lessons into practice, to reinforce learning, and for additional practice to the regular exercises.

Integration in any curriculum

Magrid is a complete training program. It is based on the cognitive development of kindergarten and elementary school children and not based on a specific curriculum, which facilitates the integration of the app in any classroom or school’s curriculum, whether you are based in France, Luxemburg, Portugal, the UK, or any other country. The math app is suitable for kindergarten, preschool and elementary school (1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, etc.).

Plan your lessons

We also provide teachers with the planning of the training tasks, so that they can better plan their classes. If they want to focus on a specific skill, they can go directly to those training tasks.

Independent learning

Each child has their own profile and students can go through the exercises at their own pace. The screen time is limited to 10-15 minutes per child, so students can share one device and take turns. Using the dashboard, teachers can follow each student’s progress and identify where they need help.

Using the app in a collaborative way

The app can also be used in a collaborative way. Small groups of 2-3 children can work together and discuss the exercises on one device. It is also possible to create dedicated accounts for group work.

Magrid is an Inclusive App for Teachers of all Kinds of Children

Magrid’s learning program and math app give teachers further tools to support and teach children with all kinds of educational needs.
  • Neurotypical children in kindergarten (3-year-olds, 4-year-olds, etc.), preschool or elementary (6-year-olds, 7-year-olds, etc.)
  • Children with learning disabilities
    • language disorders
    • hearing difficulties (deaf) 
    • speech disorders
    • dyspraxia
    • dysgraphia
    • dyscalculia 
    • dyslexia
    • developmental delays
    • AD(H)D
    • autism spectrum
  • Children who learn math in a second language and might learn at a different pace (migrant children, refugees, etc.)
  • Students with gaps in their education because of moving or math difficulties.


Magrid’s learning program offers not only the best math app for teachers for 4-year-olds, 5-year-olds, 6-year-olds and older, but also includes various features to help teachers and their students get the most out of the program (teacher training and support, analytical monitoring dashboard).

Children can learn independently, at their own pace, and students with special educational needs can catch up to their peers.

To get started you can download the app here and request a demo to learn more about how Magrid works and why it is the best math app for teachers.