Magrid: An inclusive math learning app for early childhood, preschool and special needs

Magrid is an inclusive early childhood math learning app for kindergarten, preschool and elementary students.

It is ideal for typically developing children from age 3 to 7 years old and up to 12 years old for children with special education needs (language disorders, hearing difficulties, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADHD, down syndrome, etc.).

Our early childhood education app can be used in the classroom or at home.

The app can be downloaded on android, iOS, and Microsoft Devices (Samsung phones or tablets, iPhones, iPads, etc.).

Who Can Use Magrid, Our Math Learning App for Kindergarten, Preschool And Elementary?

For Administrators, Educators & Teachers

Magrid’s math program for teachers is an effective learning solution for schools all around the world and includes the following components: 

  • the math learning app for kindergarten and elementary students, 
  • teacher training,
  • a dedicated solution specialist to provide teachers and educators with all the tools to get the most out of the app,
  • a dashboard to monitor the student’s progress and identify learning gaps.

Inclusive math app for all children with special needs

Magrid is an inclusive math app for all children. The early math app is completely language free and therefore ideal for second language learners as well as children with special needs and learning difficulties related to speech (deaf/hearing difficulties, down syndrome, autism etc.). 

Female teacher sitting at table in play room with three kindergartne children constructing, selective focus

Parents & Families: Home learning math activities with Magrid

Magrid is also an app that helps with learning math at home. Parents can go about their daily tasks, as their children work through the activities independently. The different training activities build strong math foundations, by developing the child’s cognitive and visual-spatial skills (recognizing shapes and quantities etc.)
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For the entire classroom

Magrid is an early math app that can be used in any classroom, as it’s training program isn’t based on a specific curriculum. The program covers the basics of math and can be used in kindergarten, preschool and elementary at any level or grade (1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade etc.). Students can learn independently, at their own pace or in a collaborative way and discuss the activities.
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For Governments and Organizations

Magrid can be implemented for early education at country-level, as it has been already successfully done in Luxembourg. We provide:
  • Country-level partnership solutions
  • Customized curriculum
  • Teacher training and support
  • Powerful performance reports for decision makers
  • All in one solution to Improve international ranking in education
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The Features and Benefits Of Our Math Learning App For Children In Kindergarten, Preschool And Elementary

Magrid is an inclusive early childhood education app which can be implemented in schools or can be used at home. 

  • The app is language free: ideal for kindergarten and preschool students who cannot read yet.
  • Simple design, sensory friendly and distraction free (no ads): which makes it easier for children to stay focused and prevents overstimulation.
  • Building math confidence: the math app gives the child direct feedback on their performance and helps them improve.
  • Efficient screen time use for learning: screen time is limited to 10-15 min a day.
  • Can be used in any classroom: The program doesn’t follow a specific curriculum but is based on the cognitive developmental stages in early childhood.
  • At home or in school, each child has their own profile and can go through the exercises independently and at their own pace.

Magrid Is the Ideal Math Learning App For Children With Special Needs

  • Migrant and refugee children

Magrid being completely language free, is ideal for children learning math in a second language such as migrant and refugee children. Kids can learn at their own pace and catch up on any concepts they missed out on.

  • Autism

Children on the autism spectrum have difficulties with social communication and produce restricted and repetitive behavior. With Magrid they can learn the foundations of math independently, at their own pace.

  • Deaf/hearing impaired

Children who are deaf or hearing impaired tend to have more difficulties in math. With Margrid they can learn math visually, independently, at their own pace.

  • Dysgraphia/Dyspraxia

Children with dysgraphia or dyspraxia have trouble with tasks that require motor skills. Our app is built to develop those motor skills through visuospatial training exercises.

  • Dyslexia

The early math app is completely language free and relies on visual cues for the instructions. Children with dyslexia won’t face any difficulties understanding the exercises.

  • Dyscalculia

Children with dyscalculia have difficulties with basic mathematical concepts such as processing numbers, making comparisons between smaller and larger objects, saying a sequence of numbers in increasing or decreasing order, etc. With Magrid they can learn these concepts and skills at their own pace.

  • Down Syndrom

Magrid is an app that helps children with down syndrome learn math, by focusing on the basics of visuospatial skills (spatial reasoning and awareness). The simple and sensory friendly design makes the app engaging and fun also for older children. 

  • Other special needs (ADHD, ADD…)

Our app is built with a simple design and no ads to be sensory friendly and minimize distraction, making it easier for children with AD(H)D to stay focused on their task and learn math.

  • ADHD, 
  • ADD, 
  • language disorders

Application spotlight: Magrid as math app for kindergarten

Understanding the Importance of Early Math Education

Early childhood education and early math education are essential for the cognitive development of preschool and kindergarten children, impacting all areas of their lives and their future academic accomplishments. 

The early years of a child’s life are the most formative years, as they learn new concepts easily. 

Magrid is a math learning app for kindergarten, preschool and elementary that builds strong mathematical foundations, such as cognitive, visual-spatial, and numerical skills.

Why Choose Magrid as Your Child's Math Learning App

Magrid is the best math learning app for kindergarten children. The app was developed by experts to build cognitive and visuospatial skills in early childhood. Kids using Magrid improved significantly in their math performance. The app is built to be inclusive and is also adapted for children with special needs (AD(H)D, autism, down syndrome, deaf/hearing impaired...)
Whether your child has difficulties in learning math, or you just want to give them a head start, Magrid is the best early childhood education app for learning the foundations of math.

How the core Features of Magrid are applied in Kindergarten

The app is completely language free making it the ideal math learning app for kindergarten, as children that are 3 to 5 years old don’t know how to read yet. The app is intuitive to use, instructions and feedback are given through visual cues. The exercises train their cognitive and visuospatial skills, building their mathematical foundations before going to school.

How Magrid Aligns with Kindergarten Math Standards

Magrid doesn’t follow a specific curriculum but is based on the developmental stages in early childhood (kindergarten, preschool, elementary school). It can be integrated into any classrooms or school’s curriculum. It focusses on developing cognitive skills and visuospatial skills in early childhood, building the foundations for a successful mathematical education.

How Magrid Supports Kindergarten Children at Home

Magrid can not only be used in the classroom but also at home. The app is built to be intuitive so that kids can learn independently without the need of parental supervision. It can be used offline from anywhere, on the road or in waiting rooms.

Real Stories: How Magrid Transforms Kindergarten Math Learning

Download Our Inclusive Math App for The Classroom Or Learning At Home Now!

Magrid is an app that helps with math learning in early childhood from kindergarten to elementary school. Whether your child has difficulties in math because they are a second language learner, have autism, AD(H)D or other special needs, Magrid helps them learn math and assimilate the concepts at their own pace.

You can download the app here.