Spinoff Magrid Launches the Home Version for Parents

The global award winning learning program is now available for parents to help their children develop and improve their cognitive and mathematical abilities

Luxembourg – 14.03.2023 – Magrid Learning Solution, a global award-winning learning program developed by leading experts in early childhood education, psychology, and neuroscience, is now available in a new version for parents to use at home with their kids. The validated learning program, created at the University of Luxembourg and previously only available for school teachers, uses research-based learning exercises to significantly improve children’s cognitive and mathematical abilities.

Magrid is a science-based pedagogical learning program that has won World Summit Awards Global championship in learning and education, an award of European Investment Bank, and MIT Solve challenge with its inclusive program that helps 3-6 year old children. Now, with Magrid for home use, parents have the tools to help their children excel in school.

The home version of Magrid’s inclusive and sensory-friendly learning program is language and culture independent, and has been designed to also be able to help children with special needs, such as autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, AD(H)D, hearing impairment, and those with migratory backgrounds (second-language learners).

According to Luc Weis, Director of SCRIPT at the Luxembourg Ministry of Education, “Magrid is a great tool for teaching the basic concepts of mathematics to young children, for children with special needs, and for everybody.”

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Magrid founder, Dr. Tahereh Pazouki, said, “Magrid for home use is another milestone in fulfilling our mission to give children an equal opportunity to learn, whether they are at home or at school.” The Magrid program enables children to build mathematical understanding and connect ideas at their own pace which is critical for deep mathematical learning.

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“What Magrid does which is so different and so important is that they create a space for children to build mathematical understanding and connect ideas at their own pace, which is critical for deep mathematical learning,” said Anna S., a mathematics specialist teacher in Luxembourg.

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To celebrate its launch, Magrid is offering a 50% launch discount to parents for a limited time. The program has been successfully used by teachers and parents in Luxembourg, France, Portugal, the UK, and the US to give their children a head start and to close learning gaps.

Parents face challenges in supporting their children’s learning at home, and Magrid can help address those challenges. With the Magrid program, parents have access to a validated learning tool developed by the experts in early childhood education, psychology, and neuroscience, that has been successful in significantly improving children’s cognitive and mathematical abilities.

Visit this LINK for more information and to take advantage of the 50% launch discount.
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